King Soopers Cards

Meiklejohn PTA and King Soopers Program

Everyone needs groceries and fuel, why not give 5% of your purchases back to our school?

It is as easy as: PURCHASE, LOAD, SHOP, RELOAD……

PURCHASE – simply purchase your re-loadable King Soopers card from the PTA through the school store on My School Anywhere.  You will receive a $25 dollar gift card which is redeemable for $25 dollars in merchandise or fuel. Please encourage family and friends to also purchase King Soopers gift cards through our school! Don’t forget to let them know that they can reload the card and continue to support our school.  Purchased Gift Cards will be sent home with your child in Thursday folders.

LOAD – you can reload (add value to) your card indefinitely at the register or at the Customer Service Desk inside your local store or at the fuel kiosk for any amount up to $500, you may use your debit or credit card to load. Tell the cashier that you would like to add money to your gift card BEFORE they ring up your groceries then pay with your gift card.  You can also use the gift card for gas at King Soopers.

SHOP – KEEP YOUR CARD and use it whenever you shop or BUY GAS at Kings Soopers.  Gift cards may be used at City Market Fuel Centers and are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores through the U.S. Each time we reach $5,000 as a group, King Soopers sends a 5% check to our PTA!

There is no additional cost to you or to the PTA and our children will reap the benefits!  Thank you for supporting Meiklejohn PTA!

Any questions? Please email: