Milk Caps for Moola

Milk Caps for Mooola

Longmont Dairy – Milk Caps for Moola

Longmont Dairy Farm and Meiklejohn Elementary are working together in an effort to reduce waste and support our community with a new program called Milk Caps for MOOOLA.

Bring your plastic Longmont Dairy Farm milk bottle caps into the school daily, weekly, monthly and the school will receive 5 cents for every milk cap returned. The Dairy recycles the milk caps in an effort to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. In addition, a collection bin will be located near the front entrance of the school. Please remember to rinse the cap prior to recycling!

The program works similar to the Boxtops for Education program and is a great way to support the school financially with a product you already may have delivered to your home on a weekly basis.

All plastic bottle caps labeled Longmont Dairy are accepted. Please email the PTA if you have any questions.