Teacher Sweepstakes

The Meiklejohn Teacher Sweepstakes is one of the school’s biggest fundraisers. Students and parents have the opportunity to purchase tickets and enter to win activities hosted by our fantastic teachers, administration and staff.

Meiklejohn teachers generously donate their time to provide unique, small group experiences that your children can “bid” on. This fundraiser allows students to spend more time with a favorite teacher, doing an activity that they really enjoy, and raises needed funds for teacher resources and training.

Purchase tickets for $1 each starting on February 3rd, 2020 on Member Planet or on the order forms sent home in Thursday folders. The tickets purchased by February 17th will be sent home in Thursday folders on February 20th. Simply write your child’s name and teacher name on the back of the tickets and return to the school with your child during the week of February 24th -28th. Your child will place their tickets in the sweepstake of their choosing (does not have to be their current grade – they can choose to enter for any prize they would like!) during their lunch hour. Tickets will be sold up until the day before the prize drawings on February 28th!

Return your order form to the Meiklejohn front desk with a check or cash, or go online to http://bit.ly/teachersweepstakes2020 to purchase tickets!

The more tickets you buy, the better your chance of winning one of the awesome experiences listed below with your child’s favorite teacher!

Walk To Jack’s – Each of our four Kindergarten teachers (Mrs Harris, Mrs Reinke, Mrs Snyder, Ms Houlihan) will take three students to Jack’s for a treat on Thursday, May 5th after school! Total = 12 prizes

Art and Appetizers – Come and enjoy Art and Appetizers on Thursday, April 6th from 3:00 – 4:00. Bring a friend and enjoy creating a piece of original artwork with the 1st grade teachers (Mr. Sweetman, Mrs. Pietrafeso, Mrs. Heller, Mrs. Hemmel) while sampling some yummy appetizers! One winner per teacher plus a friend chosen by the winner! Total = 4 prizes/8 total students

Science Fun and Treats – Do you love science? Do you enjoy doing science experiments? Then join the 2nd grade teachers after school on Thursday, April 9th 2:45- 4:00 for an afternoon of science exploration. You will be participating in four different science experiments taught by our World Famous Second Grade Teachers! (Mrs. Lemos, Mrs. Traut, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Tausan) There will be two winners for each teacher and every winner will be allowed to bring one friend. Total = 8 prizes/16 total students

Just Dough It! – Dough you want a sweet time with the third grade teachers? Join us in an edible cookie dough party after school on Wednesday, March 18th from 2:45 to 3:30 in the teacher’s lounge. We will be learning how to follow a recipe, portion ingredients, and have fun in the kitchen with the third grade teachers (Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Kenner, Mrs Feijoo, Mr. Totems). We will be making edible chocolate chip cookie dough. Allergies beware!! We will be using these ingredients: butter, brown sugar, milk, vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, salt, and chocolate chips. There will be four winners for each teacher. Total = 16 prizes

Water Fight! – Slip and slide into summer with 4th grade! Throw water balloons with (and at) your teachers (Mrs. Schuler, Ms. Schnoor, Ms. Wright), slide down the hill on our wet and wild slip and slide, and then continue the cool down with a popsicle treat! Enjoy this fun afternoon on the field with the 4th grade teachers on Thursday, May 7 from 2:45-3:45. Total = 6 prizes, 2 per teacher

Hoops and Ice Cream – Come play an after-school game of basketball with the 5th grade teachers (Mrs. Horowitz, Mrs. O’Neill, Mrs. Saddler), followed by ice cream sundaes on a Thursday after school in late April/ or early May from 3-4pm, (two winners per teacher) Total= 6 prizes

PE Teacher For The Day with Mrs. Mummert – One student will be picked to be “A PE Teacher for a Class”. The student can pick one class to be the PE teacher and I will give them a whistle to keep! Total = 1 prize.

Pizza, Pizza, we got your Pizza! – Come join our amazing Special Education Team (Mrs. O’Leary, Mrs. Witt, and Mrs. Callejas) for a trip to Marcos to enjoy a delicious after school snack. You and a friend will meet in Mrs. Callejas’s room after school and walk with the team to have some fresh hot pizza pie. Friday, April 17th from 2:45 – 4:00. Four winners will be chosen and each winner can bring a friend. Total = 4 prizes/8 total students

Maker Space Fun – It’s time to get creative! Join Ms. Sale, Mrs. Brandt, and Mrs. Wells in the Makerspace on Tuesday, April 21th from 2:45 – 4:00 There will be snacks and amazing Makerspace opportunities, including legos, strawbees, crafts, robots, coding and more! (four winners per teacher) Total = 12 prizes

Principal For The Day – Do you want to be on the morning news and make some important decisions? Then come join Mrs. Cornejo to be the principal for a half day (date to be determined). One winner will be drawn. Total = 1 prize

Assistant Principal For The Day – Do you want to be on the morning news and make some important decisions? Then come join Mrs. Sirko to be the assistant principal for a half day (date to be determined). One winner will be drawn. Total = 1 prize